Chourouq HAISNI: Being a declared introvert Cf was a very important character builder

by C:F Team on 4th May, 2017 at 1:14 PM CEST

5 years have passed since the 2012 Summit and as you may already know, we are reaching out summit alumni to reflect by answering questions prepared from Stefan, Hayley, and Bistra. Today, we share with you the answers of Chourouq Haisni from Morocco, who have been a summit alumni in 2012 and also in 2013 when she was a finalist in the main round of competitions. 

Without further ado, here's what Chourouq has shared with us. 

CF: Where were you 5 years ago in your life, and where are you today - in terms of career, personal development, and what motivates you? 

Chourouq: 5 years ago I was still a student completing my Master's degree in finance. During the last five years, I managed to get my degree, complete a research Masters program in France and today I work as a Quality Assurance Coordinator in a Business school in Morocco.

CF: How has C:F impacted your life? Or, what has shaped your life and work the most in the past 5 years? 

Chourouq: CF had a lot of impact on my life from two standpoints. It gave me an opportunity to meet active, inspiring and innovative people who dared to dream of a better world and who believed that their individual actions as small or as big as they were, would achieve that. It made me understand that my impact on the world was me and that my actions can be the first step towards the future I want to build. Being a declared introvert Cf was a very important character builder. It gave me confidence in the work I do and trust in my ability to defend it.

CF: Have you noticed any changes in your corner of the world from climate change, social movements, migration, globalization, or other political, environmental, or economic drivers of change? Positive or negative, please describe. 

Chourouq: A very hard question to answer! Though a lot seems to have changed... I get the impression that the world is still dealing with pretty much the same issues from 5 years ago. For Morocco, the main issues that we are still struggling with would be education, employment, healthcare, and women empowerment (among other things of course). 

CF: Where do you focus your energy at the moment? Which challenges are you tackling or do you feel inspired to change?

Chourouq: My main focus on the moment is my professional project. As for inspiration, I think that my immediate environment (school, education...) is an important source of inspiration for me. 

CF: Are your dreams and visions of the world from 5 years ago still the same? How did they develop or change? What would be the symbol or image that represents the change you want to see in the world?

Chourouq: I don't think the heart of my beliefs has changed much in the last five years. If anything they have become stronger. I think for me change will only be achieved through education (and I would like to put a lot of emphasis on women's education in developing countries like Morocco). A reform in the way we teach and what we teach will definitely make a difference in the way we behave.

So I guess my picture perfect would be an educational system that engraves values and principles and that teaches empathy and tolerance before teaching math and science. 

What would be one lesson you can extract out of your experiences in the last 5 years? 

Chourouq: Dreams are attainable we just need to work for them.

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