Lucian Croitoru with a message to CF-ers: Keep bringing positive energy to the world!

by C:F Team on 11th May, 2017 at 8:26 PM CEST

Last week we heard from Chourouk Haisni from Morocco, and this week the "C:F Snowball" moves to Romania where we catch up with our dear alumnus Lucian Croitoru. He took part in the C:F summits of 2010, 2012, and 2013. Here are his answers to the CF reflection questions:

CF: Lucian, where were you 5 years ago in life, and where you stand today - in terms of career, personal development, and what motivates you?

Lucian: 5 years ago I was living in The Netherlands and was working as an Account Manager for a Dutch company. Now I am working remotely and doing content management for another Dutch company. Also, recently I started an online course for beginners on Android Development with the help of a scholarship. It began as a need for professional development and at the moment it feels like something that generates energy and excitement and hopefully will stay the same as time goes by.

CF How has C:F impacted your life? Or, what has shaped your life and work the most in the past 5 years? 

Lucian: C:F is a global community that keeps me connected to wonderful, smart people, thanks to the digital revolution. Dear friends, even if we are not chatting often, your Facebook posts are gold which either keep me informed on your development or provide valuable information for my intellect :). Some of you got married, some of you have children. Some of you are still struggling to find meaning in life. Regardless of the situation, keep bringing positive energy to the world! I miss you all!

CF: Have you noticed any changes in your corner of the world from climate change, social movements, migration, globalization, or other political, environmental, or economic drivers of change? Positive or negative, please describe. 

Lucian: Yes, a massive anti-corruption social movement in Romania at the beginning of this year made global media headlines and gave birth to protests of Romanians around the world, but also triggered interest for change in other countries. As an example, after the massive protests in Romania took place, hundreds of French people protested in Paris against their own problems in the French political system. People make connections stay informed and take action thanks to digitalization.

CF: Where do you focus your energy at the moment? Which challenges are you tackling or do you feel inspired to change?

Lucian: I am focusing on professional reinvention. I am aware that as the world changes, also jobs will change. One day I would love to make a contribution to the way people interact. 

CF: Are your dreams and visions of the world from 5 years ago still the same? How did they develop or change? What would be the symbol or image that represents the change you want to see in the world?

Lucian: Definitely not. Things changed in my life over the last 5 years. And things also change around the world every single day. Nowadays the developments over a 5 years period are huge - from the way global leaders promote themselves and get elected, to the way we get informed about what happens in another corner of the world, to enormous global innovations. However, the symbol that represents the change that I would like to see in the world is peace. 

Moment in time - from the C:F Summit 2013, Maribor

CF: One lesson you would share from your experiences in the past 5 years is...

Lucian: Thanks to globalization and digitalization you can make a change from your living room.

Want to stay in touch with Lucian professionally? Check out his LinkedIn here

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