Sayanee Basu: Despite our nationality, ethnicity, race, religion or none, sexual orientation, we still all come from the same root

by C:F Team on 19th May, 2017 at 12:40 PM CEST

Last time, the CF Snowball moved to Romania where we heard from our dear Lucian. Today, we fly to Asia, to the beautiful Singapore, where we catch up with Sayanee Basu. It has been great to hear from her as she answers the CF reflection, 5 years through the CF Summit 2012. Let's have a look!

CF: Where were you 5 years ago in your life, and where are you today - in terms of career, personal development, and what motivates you? 

Sayanee: 5 years ago, I was just completing my trip around Europe and finishing my post graduate studies. I was contemplating on learning web development from scratch as a beginner.

Today, I'm very happy to work in Internet of Things where I use many technologies like web development, electronics, wireless technologies for renewable energy and power management for urban cities. My main motivation is to use engineering as a positive change to solve climate change as well as efficient and improving urban living. 

CF: How has C:F impacted your life? Or, what has shaped your life and work the most in the past 5 years? 

Sayanee: C:F made me see the world through people from any different countries that I might not have made contact with E.g. Balkan areas, Africa, Eastern Europe. I'm constantly reminded that I have a very lucky and grateful life. With globalisation, there are disparities emerging in mindset and living conditions. As an engineer, I should be aware of these disparities so that technologies can be built to solve problems for as many people as possible in the world.

CF: Have you noticed any changes in your corner of the world from climate change, social movements, migration, globalization, or other political, environmental, or economic drivers of change? Positive or negative, please describe. 

Sayanee: Yes, these 5 years have made me more politically aware. With the death of Lee Kuan Yew (the founding Prime Minister of Singapore) to my first voting, my first buying of the house, my readings, Brexit, elections around the world, to emerging world powers, climate change, I'm very aware of the topics and world affairs beyond just my field of work.

The world events have jolted me and made me reflect a lot. But I still hold a firm belief that humanity as a whole is a lot of peaceful, healthy, educated today as even a century ago. With this long-term view and opinions beyond just engineering, I'm optimistic that I will be able to contribute positively in engineering.

CF: Where do you focus your energy at the moment? Which challenges are you tackling or do you feel inspired to change?

Sayanee: I focus my energy in engineering now. I like working in Internet of Things which I believe will enable many intelligent sensing and control through the use of wireless technologies across a long distance, computer networking and sensor technologies.

I'm inspired to play a tiny part in helping people understand their consumption (power, water, etc) and play their role in reducing consumption as a whole for the planet.

CF: Are your dreams and visions of the world from 5 years ago still the same? How did they develop or change? What would be the symbol or image that represents the change you want to see in the world?

Sayanee: Yes, my vision is still the same as 5 years ago. But I'm more certain and sure. I want to see technology being used for bringing awareness and control to people in a positive way that can reduce consumption as a whole for the planet.

Fantastic moment: A group photo of all CF Summit alumni from 2012

CF: What would be one last message you would like to share with everyone? 

Sayanee: Despite our nationality, ethnicity, race, religion or none, sexual orientation, we still all come from the same root. We have to find common grounds in solving problems and take tiny steps. Over time that will compound into big changes for positive good.

Maybe Carl Sagan does it best with the narration of Pale Blue Planet.

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