The C:F-er in 2017: profile and values

by C:F Team on 27th June, 2017 at 4:17 PM CEST

The CF Snowball action that we were more than happy to conduct in the first part of 2017, enabled us to see the Future:challenger with new eyes. 

The action meant inviting over C:F Summit alumni to answer reflection questions five years after their summit experience, who were they back in the day, and who are they now. The answers have helped us determine well some common traits - those of the CF-er in 2017. 

For instance, Lucian from Romania thinks that CF-ers are people who are able to bring about positive energy to the world continually, despite any challenges we may be facing. Sayanee from Singapore believes that despite our nationality, ethnicity, race, religion or none, sexual orientation, we still all come from the same root. Chourouk from Morocco teaches us that each one of us should never stop investing in building their character, becoming stronger, better and more resilient to different environments. 

Stefan from Macedonia further tells us that the curious and knowledge-thirsty mind always engages in learning new things, regardless if the scholarship process happens at university or within a well-defined, independent research, rethinking and reading. Siddharth from India adds all along that we should never forget to experiment widely and reflect deeply as we move forward in life. 

Last but not least, Hayley from Canada, says that the more things change, the more they are the same. 

photo collage of CF-ers from all around the world

This is just a tiny portion of all the wisdom we were able to extract from reading the reflection answers of our dear alumni members, thus we are more than confident to conclude some values of the Future:challenger in 2017. 

A CF-er is somebody…

...who is always open for a dialogue - a dialogue that comes with no prejudice, but listening, rethinking, reflection and self-reflection;

...who is not judgemental and do not appraise fanaticism of any kind;

...more than well aware that climate change or peace in the world are two of the greatest challenges at present, but works to make things better at their own corner of the world and in their own field of work; 

...resilient to changes and adaptable to new environment, willing to take out the best of each new experience, although it may sometimes not be the best experience at all;

...for whom failure is fine, but keeps going on, until the mission is not accomplished; determination is a key trait;

...who with their individual actions, sets positive examples and inspires other peers, too;

...who always have a dream, a dream that perhaps have been there ever since childhood, but as adulthood comes, it takes a new shape, more clear as the years go by...

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of values, and we would be more than happy to hear from you - what is in your view that counts as a Future:challenger value

To do so, we invite you to share your thoughts in the comments below:


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