Three semi-finalists selected from "How should cities change for migration" Quick Expert Challenge

by C:F Team on 23rd September, 2017 at 8:51 PM CEST

Dear CF-ers, we are glad to announce that C:F judges on the How Should Cities Change for Migration Quick Expert Challenge have short-listed three submissions--three semi-finalists--whose ideas have been judged as the best by set criteria.

Therefore, we would like to distinguish all three as follows (in random order):

Niyitegeka Jean Bosco from Rwanda, for the Urban Immigration submission;

Raju Modhavadiya from India, for the submission, entitled as Change The Villages, Not The Cities;

Anshul Aggarwal from India, for the submission Circular Cities.

Round of applause, please! We would like to congratulate to all three semi-finalists on the great work they have done, and the serious and smart approach they have taken on the expert challenge. Although the number of participants to the expert challenge has been small, the judges have been satisfied with the general quality of all the received submissions and have had a considerable debate on who should enter the TOP three. However,  only one can be pronounced the BIG winner. The final announcement for the winner will follow in the forthcoming days. 

Until soon!

C:F Team

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