Challenge:Futurenewsletter 6th June 2015

The C:F Youth Magazine is an online community collection of best and most fresh contents prepared from global youth and eminent experts who are part of the Challenge:Future community. We hope you will enjoy issue no.1 and our May/June 2015 selection

Your #CFMind Matters

What would happen if you play with pen-friending and apply it to new media. C:F Community VP, Stefan (Macedonia) and Udoka (Nigeria), CF Communication VP - Chapters network have taken the step forward and done an amazing writing! Read it here

Read it here

The Only Way to Stay in Business is to Reinvent

Timeless advice by Dr Nadya Zhexembayeva, president of C:F board. It’s not sustainability that drives life, but change does. We must consistently remake who we are, what we offer, and how we deliver our offerings to the world. Put it simply, we must reinvent.

Read the first commandment built to reinvent today’s companies here

You Must Reinvent Every 3 Years

“Once upon a time, our companies enjoyed long and healthy lives, with a slow rise to the top of financial performance and a gradual decline to annihilation. The rate of change was so slow that reinvention was rarely needed - and when it was, we had all the time in the world to renew our business on our team. But the fairy tale is long gone.”

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What local events are worth the fight of 100$ challenge?

In April 2015, C:F launched a small initiative for accelerating best ideas with the capacity to be materialized with 100$ only. What would you personally do with 100$? Check out the first top 3 ideas for the month of April and May and compete in the challenge in its second ongoing round

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It has been heartbreaking to hear the news on the disastrous earthquakes hitting Nepal continually. It started April 25th with a moment magnitude (Mw) of 7.8 and the consequences were immense for the whole country. Communicate our C:F local representative in India who is giving a helping hand to Nepal.

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GrowR TIPS have never looked better!

Just recently Nubi Kay’ from Nigeria shared one of the Tuesday GrowR tips saying “You are not alone” and depicting the spirit of bringing on and igniting the community. “You are not alone and you only need to reach out so you can find others like you - with similar interests, excelling in one way or the other. So get up, try to find them, form a community and grow from there”

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