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Words can be inspiring. Some people have the gift of telling words of wisdom, making us think about our lives, our hopes, future achievements. Did it ever happen to you to read a phrase written centuries ago and feel as it was written yesterday? Or get a tweet in a morning that inspired and nourished you for the whole day?

For this challenge, you have to post your favorite quote that is resourceful, inspirational, makes you think about sustainability and innovation, and inspires you to contribute to a future that works for all. Do let us know the wise person who said it. And please tell us in the comment why it’s your favorite.

The QC winner, selected by our three community Judges among the top 5 entries with most votes, will win an amazing book "Five Regions of the Future: Preparing Your Business for Tomorrow's Technology Revolution" by Joel Barker (C:F Advisory Board). And more, the winner will get to tell his story on the C:F platform.

Here are the basic rules of this QC+:
1. Please submit your quote (put the author as well) and your reason in comment.
2. The submission (no voting yet) starts on 7 January 2011, 2PM CEST
3. The start of voting is on 24 January 2011, 2PM CEST
4. Voting ends on 17 February 2011, 2PM CEST
5. Entries without explanation in the comment will be not be judged by youth judges.
6. All C:F members can vote. You are more than welcomed to invite others outside of the C:F community to vote for you. Please note that we are wary of votes from the same IP.
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17th February, 2011

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