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We are all about you, the C:F Community!. Challenge: Future is designed for and by people like you so we challenge you once more to prove how wacky and creative you are. Spill your creativity out and create a cool Challenge:Future T-shirt. As simple as that. If your idea is really good, your T-Shirt will be famous World Wide, distributed, printed on T-shirts all over the world. Sounds cool? You bet it is! 


Prepare your design (drawing, digital, any wacky idea you have) and upload it here. We’re looking for something appealing, fun, attractive to broader C:F audience and to people just like you: young, creative and innovative individuals. You can participate even if you are not the best of a graphic designer or if you lack illustration and drawing skills. Ideas are all what matters. If you have a really amazing idea, our designers can help you make it reality. Fair? 

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8th September, 2011

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