Connecting is...

This time, Quick Challenge is a photo competition. Imagine what connecting means to you, take a photo and post it below.

Is it Facebook, drinking coffee at your favourite cafe, holding hands, washing your car, taking a walk in the park, playing basketball?

Anything, anywhere, anytime.

Our quick challenge starts on Nov 4, 2009 and will last till Dec 3, 2009. Submit your picture before the deadline for a chance to win great prizes and gain extra sparks! Keep in mind that your picture must be your original work, respectful and suitable for the general public.

Submitting a picture is easy. Simply click on “Post Idea” icon on the top right side to upload your picture. The winners of this challenge will be decided by community voting. The top three pictures with the most votes will receive an Amazon prepayed gift cards of 50 EUR (1st place), 30 EUR (2nd place) and 20 EUR (3rd place). Extra sparks will be given to the winners and to all contestants as well. All registered members of Challenge:Future can vote. You can also invite others outside Challenge:Future community to check out the pictures on the Quick Challenge page.

Image Credit: bohman

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challenge ended

3rd December, 2009

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