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Ready to take action? We encourage you to create tangible impact for the underprivileged youth. Use your creativity and help one or more underprivileged groups of youth, from immigrants to disabled or abandoned. Apply with brand new project you would like to do in the future or with a successful project already implemented

This challenge is beyond any competition so far at C:F. Why? Simply, aren’t you annoyed with so many conferences, gatherings, google hits linked to the world’s most pressing challenges but regardless of good intentions behind it seems that we are all only spending the time on talks and not on actions. Therefore, if you would like to know how each of us can change the world the answer is simple: „just turn your intentions to actions”.

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challenge ended

21st December, 2011

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Finalists announced

22th December 2011

  • 5 x fully paid scholarships (2.500 EUR each) for one team member to attend C:F Academy and Summit 2012
  • Speaking opportunities at prominent events:
  • • 5 x C:F Academy

    • 1 x C:F Summit 2012 public conference “Towards Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Future”

  • C:F members 18-30 years old. Student status is not required
  • You can participate individually and/or in the team; multiple participations are accepted. All team members must be registered on C:F platform
  • The C:F member who submits the idea is recognized as the team leader
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