3 Words to Guide Me

Time flies! Believe it or not, the end of 2011 is almost here. How about taking a short break to see what you did this year and how can you learn from that to make 2012 better?

Which THREE words will guide you in the coming YEAR 2012? So, share with us and all global C:F Community, be part of the beautiful collage of all our words to welcome the New Year!

Awards: THREE winners! The first winner will receive The new C:F T-shirt, Joel Barker’s book on the 5 Regions of the Future and The Future Book; the second winner will receive Joel Barker's book + The Future Book and finally, the third placed winner will receive The Future Book! The winner of this challenge will be selected by our young C:F staffs, among the top 10 solutions with the most votes!

Come on, get your creativity to work and post your thoughts! Remember, please write ONLY THREE WORDS as a submission and a short comment after posting, explaining your choice!

Basic rules for this QC:
1. POST your idea (only three words in the "Idea" text box, not Idea Title). After it has been posted, add your explanation in the first comment.
2. The submission (no voting yet) starts on 14 December 2011, 10AM CEST
3. The start of voting is on 27 December 2011, 10AM CEST
4. Voting and submissions end on 7 January 2012, 10AM CEST
5. Entries without explanation in the comment or not complying with the "three words" game will not be judged by youth judges.
6. All C:F members can vote. You are more than welcomed to invite others outside of the C:F community to vote for you. Please note that we are wary of votes from the same IP.

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7th January, 2012

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