MY msg to Dalai Lama

"It is time to fill the world with strong and powerful deeds. It is important we cultivate love and compassion to all the sentient beings, which is the way to bring peace to all."
HH Dalai Lama

Being one the most inspiring persons world-wide, and also one of the people who C:F Community expressed huge interest to meet, HH Dalai Lama is here to hear your voice! It is our great honor and pleasure to announce the new Quick Challenge, partnering with Out of the Box conference and Research and Arts Zone at University of Maribor!

C:F challenges you to imagine one ordinary day: walking to school, or entering the shop near your house, or waiting in line at the bookstore! And all of a sudden, you see His Holiness Dalai Lama standing next to you! You are excited, confused, blocked, or just happy!? You have less than 2 minutes to say what he inspired you to do!

This is that day!

Shoot a 118-sec-video with your message to HH Dalai Lama and tell him what he inspired you to do. The best video message will be presented to HH Dalai Lama and 800 conference participants at the special session of the prominent conference Out of The Box + the winner will have the possibility to attend the conference for FREE!

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11th May, 2012

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