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The world is going to face an enormous gap between the supply and demand of fresh water by 2030. More than 40% of people will not have access to clean water. More than 40% of world’s agricultural land is seriously degraded. Add to this the rapid decline of natural resources and the extreme effects of global warming, an expected increase of up to 5°C within this century, while the human civilization is on the way to reach ten billion. We’re on the edge, the point of no return. We need to take immediate action, act now and change the course!

How? Listen to this! Let’s put together 10 actions that each member of our C:F community will implement. Let’s think of simple actions, let’s help make a change and come with a version of how we can make the most meaningful positive impact. Your action might become one of the chosen 10 C:F Commitments - shared with everyone who gets the next edition of the Future Book. It will not only be your action, but the action of more than 24.000 members worldwide! Go for it!

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10th July, 2012

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