The Perfect Gift

Despite of the media telling us that we all worship money and shining things, C:F knows that to each C:F member, the perfect gift could be something entirely different. What was the most thoughtful gift you have ever received? What is the ideal gift for you? Describe the ideal gift for you and Santa might surprise you with a mystery gift =) (okay, in this case, Santa = C:F voters) .

The deadline for submission is Jan 4, 2010 17:00 CEST. Your text entry has to be less than 500 characters. The winners of this challenge will be decided by community voting. The top three entries with the most votes will receive new year gifts carefully chosen by the C:F team.  Extra sparks will be given to the winners and to all contestants as well. All registered members of Challenge:Future can vote. You can also invite others outside Challenge:Future community to check out the entries on the Quick Challenge page.

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4th January, 2010

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