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People, Selfie-mania hits C:F and why shouldn’t it? It is time to have some fun and make some meaningful ‘selfies’ over the following weeks of summer!

Switch off your TVs, switch off your computers! It is time to get away from home and from all technology: the world is outside. For a day, or a weekend, a week or a month – we challenge you to stay away from all the technology you possess (or that possess you!). Your task: go explore places, either by yourself or with friends. It is time to make the hours that count with friends or simply alone. Requirement: You only need to keep your mobile, but with no internet connectivity please!

If you are alone, you can still go and make a friend! Say hi to stranger, eat the fruit you usually do not eat, sit under the first tree you would be keen on; take a breath of fresh air at the first stop where you will sense a hint of freshness. Remember: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read one page only.” And whilst roaming around and getting lost, take the selfie!

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13th September, 2014

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20th of September

  • C:F members
  • Any age
  • Student status not required

250 sparks for the big winner + eternal glory in the Virtual City with the most diverse smiles across our lovely planet

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