We can survive in a ...

We can survive in resource depleted world!

Yes, we can survive in a resource depleted world and we want to portray this by constructing a true gallery of photos: any photo that would connect any person, business, school with great ideas, products, processes, innovations, habits that are and would work in resource depleted world could enter this competition!

Are you ready to take a photograph of such meaningful moment?

It is no longer the question “if”, but “when” we will enter our new reality – a brave new world where we will not have any more the privilege to spend our planetary resources as much as we want and the way we want. Some of them will be even no more available.

Yet, “we live amidst remarkable transformation. The linear throwaway economy of today – where we extract the resources, process them, use them barely once, and trash them immediately like a cheap plastic fork – is coming to an end. We are, simply put, running out of things to mine and places to trash.” (Overfished Ocean Strategy)

Let’s make the photo of this transformation! 

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challenge ended

30th September, 2014

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5th of October

  • C:F members
  • Any age
  • Student status not required

A copy of “Overfished Ocean Strategy” – an amazing guide for the business in our near future - with special entitlement for the QC winner from the author herself, CF Vice President, Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva. It is written: To the thinker, doer and leader of the new generation of ideas and solutions.

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