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Personal or career tip for GROW(R)ing in 2015

Let’s make 2015 a very special year! It is YOUR CHANCE to share THE career advice for your peers and get publicity worldwide. So, what knowledge, advice, or encouragement would you like to give to C:F’ers to ignite their growth, projects or even employment?

In 2014, C:F launched the Growr initiative and we have featured amazing career TIPS. Each Tuesday, publishing one TIP at Growr Facebook community page and Challenge:Future community page we have collected myriad pieces of wisdom igniting and stimulating career and personal growth.

“Be Honest. This is far the best advice I can give you. By being honest to yourself first, you will know exactly what you are ‘missioned’ to do in your life without need to meet anyone’s expectations but your own. By being honest to others, you are starting the game with an advantage: your input is exactly what you are capable and willing to do. From the start, you are really you. I am not promising that you can’t get disappointed or hurt by being honest. But you always know that you are doing your best. How better can it be?” says TIP No. 15 by Metka Ule Novak, C:F Vice President and founding partner of C:F, expert in start up management, finance and corporate compliance.

“Observe well before you form any solutions. Take time. Contemplate. Look from afar, then zoom in, like a painter. But don’t be hasty with you answer, and when you give it, when you present your solution, be sure it’s in harmony with the universe,” says the TIP No. 9 by Dr. Rebolj Danijel, Rector of University of Maribor.

Now, it’s your turn!

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15th February, 2015

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