Past challenges
How should cities change for migration
C:F Voices challenge: global news
Befriend the Other Seeking new civilizations
Your Answer to Migrant Crisis The Future of Migration
My best buddy at #GrowR
A 100$ challenge! For a local event
 I give you this medal as a sign
My best advice  to you for 2015
I HEART my community we HEART 2015
"Prolong Your Life" For 30 days "at least"
We can survive in a ... resource depleted world
Virtual City Put smiley selfie on it!
Europe needs YOU  4 Job-Creation
DMP Challenge 2014
Me & My Achievements Globally Exposed
Future Government  The best system
Speak at C:F Summit Be in the spotlight
C:F Summit Shake Got the moves?
DMP Challenge 2013 Social Innovation
3 commitments  for 2013
Capture YOUth Picture it!
C:F cOOl Phrase Super catchy!
GO to New York @ World Biz Forum
BOOK to the Future Impact and Beyond!
C:F Super Hero 2012 Who's your hero?
MY msg to M. Yunus my micro steps to...
MY msg to Dalai Lama You inspired me to...
DMP Challenge Leadership and Arts
Inspire Change Impact
3 Words to Guide Me Welcome the New Year!
YOUTH for youth C:F Change
Facing Disasters In the 21st century
Most meaningful Vacation
DESIGN the C:F T-Shirt
Mission: Lake Baikal Protect and preserve!
My C:F Paper Plane  in my neighbourhood!
Fun+Meaning^2=... The Future of Fun
Who's the real you?
The Best Quote For the world!
Memorable achievements of 2010
2011 is the year of ...
Bring my culture  to the future!
Challenge:Future Monster Ball
Getting Rich  on Happiness
Picture yourself in the year 2030
Ur personal evidence  of the climate change
Your most creative  vacation moment
What worries you  the most in 2020?
What is youth?
The best advice I ever got
Saving energy
How far can 50 EUR take you?
Me and my country
Name the challenge
The Perfect Gift
Your greeting for 2010?
Connecting is...
Mission Possible No. Not in my future.
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