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My idea:

The developing world esp. the third world countries do not have strong garbage disposal systems in place. My idea would focus on various possible methods of Garbage Disposal & Reduction techniques as well as related procedures. The theme behind this idea is to come up with ideas about Garbage Handling in the third world countries and ultimately working towards making this Earth a better place for our future generations


Garbage It !

by Fahd Masood

posted 22nd December, 2009


68 votes


My idea:

The world suffers from people's bad moves in polluting all the layers that maintain worlds existence and also our own existence as lifelong world's visitors. Is there an idea for some new formula, filter, machine that would help the world keep this layers healthy.
As we all know each onion's destroyed layer follows drying of the next layer inside. We must find a way how to save the most important first layer the atmosphere and also help the inside layers: animals, plants, land


ONION EFFECT - ideas for life

by Krste Kostoski

posted 22nd December, 2009


64 votes


My idea:

In the last two decades we have seen tremendous change in the way we work ,live,connect. Technology has enabled us to work in a way that would not have been possible even a few years ago. Distances have reduced and profile of jobs have changed.How will our workplace of the future be like? Which emerging trends will last?
The challenge is to propose an idea that redefines the way we work, reinvents the notion of workplace. What do you think the future holds in store for us?


Work Redefined

by Vallabha Rao

posted 22nd December, 2009


63 votes


challenge ended

2nd February, 2010

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